The foot is called the human "second heart", many people think, the foot health only chooses the pair suitable shoes to be possible, in fact the humble sock, also is vital.        For many people, socks may only play a "warm" role, but in fact, there are many functions of socks.       Choose a pair of good, suitable socks, more important than the shoes you bought.

Specialized Socks

Here are some multi-activity sock options to consider.

Liner socks: These are worn under a pair of regular hiking socks. Typically made of synthetics such as CoolMax® polyester, they pull moisture away from the feet to the outer sock where it can evaporate. Liner socks are popular with hikers because they can be washed and dried more quickly than regular socks on long trips. 

Waterproof socks: You have 2 choices. Waterproof/breathable oversocks are great for backpacking in rainy weather, when keeping your regular socks dry is a real necessity. Or, choose waterproof/breathable socks worn in place of regular socks. These feature a thick exterior, a moisture barrier and a fleece interior. They provide warmth for paddlers or surfers in cold water.

Toe socks: Like gloves for your feet, seamless "toe socks" help prevent between-toe blisters. (Note: Between-toe blisters can also be the result of too-tight shoes.) Typically made of synthetic fibers, toe socks are intended for running or hiking.

Fleece socks: These are a cozy choice with shoes or sandals, or by themselves as house slippers. The fabric wicks moisture but does not conform to the foot as much as a hiking sock.

Heated socks: These use low-amperage battery power to provide fast, shockproof heat. Popular for sedentary pursuits (e.g., fishing, spectator sports) in cold weather.