The foot is called the human "second heart", many people think, the foot health only chooses the pair suitable shoes to be possible, in fact the humble sock, also is vital.        For many people, socks may only play a "warm" role, but in fact, there are many functions of socks.       Choose a pair of good, suitable socks, more important than the shoes you bought.

Why you need choose socks

Once upon a time, a parent or school board might have been the primary decision maker in what socks you wore, but as we get older, this responsibility falls on our shoulders. While you don’t have to be a genius to learn how to wear socks, you might be glad to know you’ll be following in the footsteps of your ancestors: it was the Romans who started the trend of fashioning socks out of animal skins and hair.

Fast forward to 1589; the sock game remained relatively unchanged until the invention of the knitting machine offered an opportunity to mass produce newer, woollen socks, which were, until this time, being spun by hand. In 1938, nylon stepped into the market, and forever changed the sock-making game; now all sorts of textures, fabrics and even patterns became widely available.

Nylon enabled socks to be form-fitting, and is often woven into today’s most desirable fabrics, which include cotton, wool, and silk. Socks also have a place in folklore, where tales in the Western world have varying views on filling socks, or stockings, with gifts, as seen around Christmas time. Ultimately, socks have remained a style staple, and much like a suit, you should own more than one type.

If you haven’t given much thought to what you wrap around your feet, it’s time to rethink your sock game and get with the times. Socks play a vital role in our personal hygiene, and in the functionality of how we get around and are seen by other people. Their most important asset, though, is how they protect your feet from perspiration and give you the confidence to step forward with your best foot.